7 QT: How do you get rid of bamboo, y'all?

Any suggestions?
1.  We inherited a veritable bamboo forest outside our yard.  It was even more bushy last year but I hacked a lot of it down.  I knew that wasn't going to be a permanent solution, but I didn't really have the energy to try to get rid of it for good.

This summer, though, I'd like to get it out and put in something nicer and less invasive.

So, does anyone out there have a tried-and-true method for getting rid of bamboo? I've heard of dumping straight bleach into the ground, but that sounds like it would ruin the soil for any future plants.

2.  My attempts at gardening are very modest, because I didn't seem to have inherited my matrilineal line's green thumb gene.  I decided to stick to container gardening, and it is going nicely so far.  We just got to the best part: getting to eat the produce for the first time!
Ruby received a strawberry plant from her aunt Alishia for her birthday...

...and its first fruit was delish, by all accounts!

Baby arugula and butter lettuce

Basil and our (only) cherry tomato (so far)
The cherry tomato was delectable.  I bought two cherry tomato plants and am looking forward to a good harvest.  

3.  Speaking of container gardening...
Top row: cherry tomatoes, strawberry, starts for marigolds and black eyed susan.
Middle row: lettuce starts, arugula, butter lettuce.
Bottom row: basil and rosemary

Hard to see it but that's a raspberry on the right.
And I think that is some kind of volunteer sweet pea vine on the left...

A very expansive cucumber...I forgot to buy bush type :/
The coconut planter has some pansy seeds (which I despair of ever seeing germinate)
and the oblong containers have scarlet runner beans.
4.  Allen is always a "finder" of interesting things.  He found two lovely hanging baskets and brackets, and put them up recently.  It is so cheerful to see some nice plants out of the kitchen window, since I'm often standing there with dishes.  

I read about using sphagnum moss to line the hanging basket and then planting starts in the bottom and sides.  So far it looks a little...weird.  Not sure if they will end up failing but I wanted to give it a try.  I plan to add marigolds and the trailing black eyed susans once they get started.  

Pretty petunias

Another of Allen's finds at work was a set of four of these concrete blocks.  I immediately saw their planter potential, especially in the front of the trailer, which is currently covered in dead pine needles and pea gravel, known as "poop rocks" by the kids due to some of the neighbor cats' use of them as a litterbox.  

I like how the blocks look as little planters!  

5.  When you're the kid of an apprentice carpenter, there are certain perks...

One such perk is that you get a playhouse that's an actual model of a real house.  Allen's site was about to pitch their model house.  Allen asked if he could have it, and the powers that be said, "Sure, if you want to haul it."  Ha! As if hauling huge, awkward, heavy objects were anything daunting to Allen.  

So yesterday he came home with the house (in pieces, of course) and he and a neighbor helped heft it into the yard.  He started reassembling it.  It still needs a lot of work, but luckily he had plenty of temporary fencing, and--of course--appropriate signage.  

It's going to be a pretty swell playhouse. 

6.  Speaking of Allen's work, he's plugging away.  Next week is the last class of his second year of carpentry classes before his summer break.  Not that he gets a summer break from work, mind you: his job is all year and I can't remember how far away he is from earning some vacation time.  Probably a long ways. 

If you look closely, you can see the wooden L-shaped walls along the red wall.
Those were Allen's handiwork.  Pretty cool, eh?
This picture is from the company newsletter.
I just hope he doesn't let the publicity go to his head ;)

He's past the 2000 hour mark towards the 8000 hours it takes to achieve journeyman status, and just bumped up another notch in wage percentage.  Woohoo!

6.  Mornings are a nice time to be out in the yard with the kids.  The sun is out but not yet scorchy.  Today I got some nice photos of the kids at play.  

Apparently, Ruby is picking "ironberries."

Ben is beginning to learn the time-honored
Oregonian skill of walking in rain boots. 

I suppose the plus side of inheriting bamboo is that we also inherited rose bushes which seem extremely hardy.  I had to prune some way back about a month ago, and I was afraid I'd killed them.  But hurrah, they are sending out happy, healthy new branches!  I hope to see some buds soon.
This one has pink roses

Our pretty, pretty white rose bush

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Dig out the bamboo-- rip out the roots. It is very hard, the roots are deep, but they run laterally, for the most part. We are trying to do that in our yard, too. Don't bother with chemicals.

  2. Also I am impressed with your garden! Its looking good!

  3. Lots of fun growing things! It always makes it fun to be outside, checking on the progress of everything. I know nothing about bamboo, but tomatoes do better if your prune them. And stake them. I'll show you sometime this week.

  4. Lots of fun growing things! It always makes it fun to be outside, checking on the progress of everything. I know nothing about bamboo, but tomatoes do better if your prune them. And stake them. I'll show you sometime this week.


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