One Legged Boy and Levitating Rocks...Just Another Saturday Night

Really does look like Ben has just one leg...
Click bait title, I know.  Just wanted to share some fun photos of our evening.  We took the kids to Clackamette Park just to sit and throw rocks into the river.  I'm not a great photographer (as evidenced, well, everywhere, but especially here) but I did manage to get some pretty hilarious pictures, including some great action shots.

Throwing rocks is a much enjoyed pasttime for the boys, so might as pick the right venue for it, right?

 Here comes the levitating rock.  I love how the timing turned out on this one.  Maybe Ben's got baseball in his future?
 My mom has taught preschool for years and has observed that when children (or even adults) are concentrating to the maximum, they often do something called "tongue steering" (i.e. sticking your tongue out a little bit).  Ben is definitely displaying some excellent tongue steering in the following photos, and it is cracking me up.
Here's the instant replay...
 Let's get a close up...
Ready for the major leagues
Also, I feel duty bound to say that he is not bright red from sunburn.  All my kids--but especially my blondies--get very red very fast when it is hot out.  Hot by Willamette Valley Oregon standards, I mean.  Today it topped out in the low 90s, and of course it's not swampily humid like St. Louis; still, the sun was still beating down on us at 6:30 pm (when these were taken) and it was plenty hot for the likes of us.  
Don't worry, I slathered them (and myself) with sunscreen immediately and we were only out in the sun for about 20 minutes or so.  Something about living in the Pacific NW for the last 9 years has definitely reduced my sun tolerance.  I think I burn even more easily than I used to, and I get overheated much faster.  Last summer in St. Louis I realized that I could no longer survive there.  Live there without an A/C and you might actually die of heatstroke.  We will likely get a window unit for our place this year but for now box fans and open windows are enough.  And thank you to my handy hubby for repairing all of the screens which were in sad shape.  Now we'll have fewer bugs visiting...

But enough of that.  Back to cute kids throwing rocks, which (I will pretend) is far more interesting.

Ruby has many wonderful career paths open to her, but pitching will not be one of them

Ruby practices her rock levitation skills: wingardium leviosa!

Love this father and son moment

 It was such a nice end to a Saturday with lots of family time.  Allen had special daddy dates with Ruby and Max.  He took Ruby to breakfast and to a kids workshop at Home Depot in the morning (she made a little wooden truck with wood glue and nails).  After that, he and Max went to get lunch, visit Andy and Alishia, and do some scrap runs.

And I got to enjoy the day with a way quieter house than usual with just Ruby and Ben around!  It was quite therapeutic, I must admit.


  1. In addition to obvious Jedi overtones, Ben and his levitating rock also join a proud double tradition of Lowes in photographs (a) having things appear to stick out of at least one person's head, and (b) capturing weird things caught in mid-flight at awkward angles ("Terror at Smith's Beach" owes its origin to that).

    1. I know that I take seriously my Lowe duty to pass on all weird familial traditions to my kids. ;)


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