Arbor, My Arbor

Trees...they are plentiful there, and part of the play equipment
This school, you guys, is life-changing.  
Arbor just wrapped up its 26th year

I know, I know.  That word is thrown around so much it has whiplash, and it shows up way too often on infomercials.  Well, let me reclaim it.  My two years at Arbor changed my life.

I lived here (for a few months)...
This bedroom is now a room of records and files, I think
I worked with amazing people and made wonderful friendships with my fellow apprentices...
My wonderful fellow apprentices (and one of our fabulous mentors/teachers)

That's a pretend microphone; I could have used it doing my "man on the street" interviews with students about oceanography

I even got married on Arbor's grounds!  It's no church but there was still a sense of sacredness about the space (not to mention the natural beauty of it!)
Exchanging vows and rings in the amphitheatre
Reception in the Arena
Among the sunflowers in the Primary gardens

I convinced my brother to be an apprentice there, too.  It was life-changing for him, too.
I don't have a good picture of him teaching, but he loved it almost as much as he loved baby Ruby (which, as you can see, is a lot)
"Okay, okay," you may be thinking.  "What's so great about this Arbor place, anyway?"

A question which is well worth a long and well-crafted another blog post.  In this one, I'm just going to treat you to some adorable then & now shots of my dear, dear Primary Easters (residents of Primary East, that is).

Big bro shows little bro the ropes
My all-time favorite shot of this little guy
Not so little now, but the smiles are still the same!

Lovable rascal 
Might still be rascally and definitely still looks lovable!

Still sweet!

Silly girl
Showing her serious side

What a Peach!
Very refined

An independent and bold thinker from day one
Now independent, bold, and a beautiful young woman

What a ham!
Still a adorable, tenderhearted ham

I can't locate great "then" pictures for the rest of my Primary East kiddos, so here are the "now" ones. The quality of the photos is pretty abominable, I'm afraid, but they are still worth putting up here for the love I bear them.

Some fine young men!

Kit, the woman who dreamed up Arbor and has made it a beautiful reality

This is next year's batch of 8s (I taught some of them also!)

My wonderful mentor teacher Felicity

Somehow Allen's truck looks out of place...

Back in my Primary days, singing with the kids
As I say, Arbor deserves a fuller blog paean...maybe a future Tribute Tuesday?  But for today, here's to the wonderful grads of 2015, heading off to do (even more) amazing things!  Thank you for having me in your journey.  It was an honor.


  1. Oh I love it! We still miss you!! You will go down as one my by kids best teachers at MRA!!!

    1. Thanks, dear Pedersons! I can hardly believe that next spring I'll be hopping between Derek's 8th grade graduation from MRA and Nicole's HIGH SCHOOL graduation!! What??

  2. It's madness! Does not seem real! The days go slow but the years fly by.


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