For Once, Portland Is Behind the Times

I've been hearing a lot about polar vortices and snowmageddons and snowpocalpyses and even an interesting theory that the devil poops snow from friends and family in nearly every other part of the country.  Even in Texas it is cold and icy, and yet here in the Willamette Valley we've had nary a flake.

Until now.

May I present to you...the great blizzard of '14!  (as of about 4 PM PST)

Yes, Northerners and Midwesterners, that is enough snow to throw this area into a complete tizzy and cause traffic accidents left, right, and center.  There's more of it now and one news source on FB today proclaimed that this was going to be the biggest snow since that of December 2008.  I was here for that one too and it was a good sized snow for Portland standards…shut down my school for a week.  I saw one estimate that said there would be 15 inches accumulated by the end of the weekend!  We shall see…
But meanwhile, the kids were enjoying themselves very much.

Look at the snowflakes on those long lashes!  LOVE!

Like nearly all other motorists in the Portland area that day, Max found driving conditions to be subpar.

Ruby felt like it was going to take a lot of balls to be outside in weather like this.
This is why I buy winter coats about 3 sizes too large…then I can zip the baby inside!
Ben is safely snuggled in his carrier inside there! You can just see his yellow hat sticking out.
It is now almost 8:30 PM and it is still snowing, so I'm thinking we may just get to go sledding tomorrow at the park near our house, which has a nice gentle hill.

And now I've got to perform an incredible act of willpower and go out to the freezing cold kitchen and clean up.  Ugh.  I'm currently holed up in our bedroom which is delightfully toasty (thanks to a borrowed space heater).  The kids' room is heated, but the rest of the house, not so much.  There is a noticeable draft coming in near the door and windows, so I may have to wear my giant green puffy coat while unloading and reloading the dishwasher. 

At least this guy can enjoy the tropical temperatures in here…
I think this is what was meant when someone coined the phrase "Sleep like a baby"


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