It's a Miscellaneous Monday Kind of Day...

We survived the snow.  It actually didn't stick around too long; on Sunday the weather returned to the mid 40s so now it is just a lot of slush.  Unfortunately, it's several inches of slush and the Echo really doesn't do well with that.  But before it turned to slush, guess what happened?
Oh, this:
To be clear, I'm referring to the fact that it is sideways down a hill, not the wonky hood.

Oops.  That is not the right direction.
Even on non-snowy days, it requires some delicacy to back out of our parking spot, as the parking area is rather close to a hill with a steepish pitch that goes down into our neighbor's yard.  Allen was backing the Echo out so he could put chains on it for me, and had to give it a bit more juice than usual to get it out of the snow drift that had accumulated around it.  And then he went down the hill.  Uh oh.

First he tried pushing it while I reversed.  No luck.  Then we tried calling AAA to help, but since it is not an emergency situation (i.e. stuck in a spot where it could be a hazard), they would not help.  Boo!  
So, it was up to the ol' gray truck to pull it out.  Allen hooked up a tow rope to the tail end of the Echo and attached it to his hitch.  I reversed, he drove forward, and slowly but surely the Echo was pulled out to safety.  

It was quite the backyard drama.  Our neighbors watched with concern and cheered us on when we were safely off of the slope.  They really are awesome neighbors, by the way.  The one sad thing when we leave here will be leaving behind such nice neighbors on all sides.  

What else?  How about another picture of some brotherly love?
Max is "feeding" Ben; Ruby has taught him well.

Speaking of Max, he said his first three word sentence today!  "Baby wake up. " Hurray!  His language is really starting to take off. Here's a little lexicon so far:

ah gah=all gone, all done
ap-baw=apple (his favorite fruit right now; he will eat the stem and core if I don't stop him!)

There's also bye-bye and Mama and Daddy. He's about at the stage that Ruby was when she was 17 months old , but it's really comparing apples and oranges.  She was the firstborn and a girl; he's the second born with an older sister who talks a mile a minute and a boy, so we're figuring that talking will come slower for him.  He's certainly extremely expressive with his gestures, facial expressions, and almost does pantomiming instead of talking a lot of the time.  Maybe he's an actor in training like his Uncle Chris and Aunt Sarah!  

What other miscellany was I going to share…oh yeah, the big news of the day!  I already emailed lots of people and put in on FB, but in case you didn't see those, make sure to visit Real Housekeeping, a new blog that I am very excited to be part of!  It's the brainchild of my college friend Rhonda.  I'm going to be writing a column on Thursdays, so I hope you will check it out and leave some comments if you do visit.  

And speaking of real housekeeping, I'd better go and do some real housekeeping of my own!  


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