Wakey Wakey!

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Kids today: just a bundle of needs, wants, and their irrational desires to be fed breakfast 

Ugh.  Have you been there?  I'm there right now.  I'm just hoping the kids are equally tired and will do equal amounts of sleeping.
For the past week or so, Max has been waking up wailing in the night and the only thing that seemed to calm him down was sleeping in our bed.

Until last night, when he spent several hours screaming, flailing, writhing, and otherwise being miserable in our bed too.  Finally, at about 1:20, I decided I had no idea what was wrong and had no more ideas about how to fix it (he didn't have a fever; in fact, he felt kind of cold and clammy).  I bundled him into the car and we went up the street to the hospital.

There were no other patients in the ER that night, so Max got lots of prompt and adoring attention.  And of course, that little Michigan Frog was acting just as cheerful and chipper as could be.  Didn't look like there was a thing wrong with him…the little rascal.

It did turn out that he had an ear infection, and he duly was dosed up with medicine and we went home.  So, I don't think I actually went to sleep until after 3 AM (and poor Allen had to leave for work at 5:45 AM, so I hope he gets himself a large cup of coffee to get through his work day).

So yeah, go read my column at RH because I doubt you're going to get a whole lot of pearls of wisdom here today!


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