Ah, music!

I don't have pictures to put up today, but I just wanted to write briefly about the wonderful symphony concert that I attended tonight.  The highlight was "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin.  That song is just breathtaking.  It is exciting to listen to without doing anything else while you're listening to it.  I'm used to having music as a background.  I listen when I'm driving, or cooking, or cleaning, or sometimes even working.  I rarely just sit and listen, as one must in a concert setting.  Maybe I'm displaying some kind of ADHD, but some concerts can be hard to sit through without my mind wandering all over the place and drifting away from the music.  But when I listen to "Rhapsody in Blue," I am all ears!  It was thrilling to watch the orchestra play that vigorous and lively piece of music.  They also played "Hoedown" from Aaron Copland's Rodeo, which I really enjoyed as well.  The conductor kept pronouncing it "ro-DAY-oh," which makes sense from a Romance Language point of view...but in Oregon, ain't nobody going to a ro-DAY-oh!  They're going to RO-dee-ohs!
The special twist to tonight's concert was that several of the songs were played not only by the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra (a professional organization) but also by any Chautauquans who knew how to play symphonic instruments and had practiced with them for a week (or however long).  There were quite a few young people up there playing whose parents were members of the orchestra.  It was touching to see the fathers and mothers with their sons and daughters up there together.  Several of the pairs played the same instrument!  I wonder if our kids will be musical in that way.  Neither of my parents plays an instrument, nor do they claim to be very musical; but they gave us the opportunity to take lessons and play in the school bands.  I'd say that of the four of us, Sarah is the one who is really doing the most with it.  She is becoming quite skilled at the cello.  She could have been up on stage tonight, I think.
Annnnnnnd now it's late but I'm still up watching "Chopped" on the Food Network.  It's your basic cooking contest reality show.  I  get all sucked into the drama of how they manage to cook everything they cook in the ridiculously short window of time, working with madcap ingredients, a la "Iron Chef" from back in the day.  Why stay up and watch it? Well, I've been having problems sleeping lately, so I'm hoping that if I make sure I'm really tired when I go to bed I won't do as much tossing and turning.  We'll see if it works...


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