Greetings from Milwaukie!

Well, well, we are no longer officially living in the O.C. Cookie Jar, because we're not in Oregon City anymore.  We're in a new home and almost all moved in.  There's still some stuff in the apartment that needs to come over here, but we've been sleeping here since Ruby and I got back from our big trip.
Allen (assisted ably by Andy) did SO MUCH WORK while we were gone.  Not only was he working his tiring job, but he was also moving stuff, little bit by little bit.  They never rented a UHaul; almost everything was moved one Echo-load at a time.  Karla and Spencer did help out with the minivan and pickup for some of the bigger stuff.  Such as...
Why, yes, those are OUR OWN appliances!  The dryer was a free find that Allen hauled for about 2 miles by dolly; the washer was bought (underwritten by my mom and dad, thank you!) from a family friend of Karla's who sells used appliances.  We have tested them out and they work just fine (although when the washer was draining water out during the spin cycle, the kitchen sink starting backing up with water...hmm.  Ruby thinks they are pretty great, too.  

The house is definitely not all put together yet, so I don't have complete pictures of the insides.  But here are a few of the outside.  

More pictures to follow, don't worry!


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