Cute Kid Alert!

Consider yourself warned...this kid is a cutie!

Here are some pictures from a little stroll that Ruby and I took around Chautauqua a few days ago.
The little Uniplex Cinema on campus

One of the Christian Organization houses (there are many)

Lake Chautauqua

Picturesque, no?

The Miller Bell Tower, a symbol of Chautauqua
Down by the beach, we met up with Betsy, Haley, Brittany, and Jackson.  The cousins played with Ruby for a while...

The Children's Beach

Fast Forward to the next day, when we had rented a bike with a kiddie trailer.  I decided to give Ruby her first bike ride around the area.  She was less than thrilled with the helmet and the buckling system in the trailer.
She looks somewhat jolly here but don't you believe it!

Ruby has helmet hair


She has a tendency to slide down in the trailer even when buckled.  It looks a tad uncomfortable.

Hanging out before dinner

Kids are so creative...Ruby overturned a stool and sat in it, so Sarah pushed her around

Clowning around at the Cow House


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