House pictures (finally)

Sorry for the wait; please note that I am not calling them "clean house pictures."  I finally realized if I were going to wait for those, well, who knows when I'd be putting pictures up?!
So, here's the digital tour:
This came out rather dark; it's one side of the living room, the side with all the books and the gas stove.

Messy computer desk/scrapbooking side of the living room 

A picture from another day, a sunnier one :)

A rare moment of cleanliness

Our new fridge, which dominates this half of the kitchen

Toby roasts a chicken, thus proving that our stove works

The dining nook

If you walk through the gate, that would lead you into the kitchen.  Here you can see the W/D and the door to the bathroom.

Yep, it's a bathroom...

Some of the fine paneled cupboards near the door to our room

A view into Toby's room

Our room 

Our awesome closet!

Finally, a real room of her own!

Ruby got the room with the woodsy landscape wallpaper.
The mudroom (with an entrance to the kitchen)
Well, there it is, the humble abode.  It's been good to us so far!  The worst part is the ant problem, but that seems to have been better since Allen sprayed one of their entryways with Raid.  Otherwise, it's great having a house that's all on one floor and it's REALLY great for Ruby to have her own room.  She sleeps better and so do we.  
Speaking of Ruby, that girl is now 15 months old!  I can hardly believe it!  Here are some cute pictures to mark the occasion.

Gotta love pasta with red sauce!  She went directly into the bath after that meal.  
Today was my first day of meetings at school. It felt pretty weird not to be setting up a classroom of my own, planning, and creating a schedule with my team.  And I won't was a relief.  I think I'm going to enjoy being a support person this year and not being in the lead.  I'm pretty worn out these days; the doctor did a blood test and found that I was anemic, so I have to take my iron pills again!  But all that to say, I'm thankful that I don't have the same big responsibilities on my shoulders, and I'm glad that all the new teachers are full of vim and vigor and passion!  They have great ideas and are excited for the year ahead.  I think some fresh blood will do wonders.  I'm sure it is going to be a productive and good year for all the kids in our care.


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