The cats are in trouble now...

Ruby has been chasing them around the coffee table.  The end of their easygoing life could be at hand.
In other news, I did 2 complete loads of laundry with the third one in, and gave the bathroom a good scrubbing.  Now going to try out a broccoli casserole recipe to use some of the HUGE amount of cut up broccoli florets we got from Gleaners this week.
Allen is sicky; he came home from work a little early, even, so you know it must be bad.  I'm grateful that his insurance coverage through his company will start at the beginning of June so he can go see a doctor for his various ailments.  The insurance coverage is two-thirds, but that's better than nothing.
...and Ruby's pulling books off of a different shelf this time!  Variety is the spice of life.


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