Happy first (official) Mother's Day to me!

My Mother's Day so far...
Getting a Starbucks drink (last night, in honor of "Mother's Day Eve")
Sleeping in
Snuggling with baby and hubby
Getting some specialty jams
Going to church and watching a whole bunch of cute babies get dedicated
"Finding" a Jamba Juice gift certificate in the car
Skyping with my lovely mom (and dad and sissy)

Still looking forward to...
Going out to dinner at as-yet-unknown-to-me restaurant while Uncle Toby babysits

There was a lady sitting near us at church who was very pregnant.  When the pastor asked all the moms to stand, I saw her look at her husband quizzically.  I was in the same quandary last year.  The baby's still inside, so does it count?  He motioned for her to stand.  I think that's the right move!  Come on, when you're housing a kicking little baby, you're a mom.
This is what I looked like last Mother's Day (picture courtesy of Kerri Patrick, who always thinks of such things:)

And from a similar time,

My mom said she was looking for this one of the Lowe/Munson/Cook women (from July 2008, on my mom's 50th birthday, I believe):

Here's a shout out to Allen's mom:

Happy day!
I also got this adorable little figurine from Allen
We went to a sweet Italian restaurant, Il Piatto, on Burnside by Imago Dei.  The food was yummy and out of the ordinary (and by that I mean that it was the kind of Italian food that I wouldn't cook for myself).  We waited a long time for it, but that didn't much bother us.  Apparently, though, it caused our server to feel badly for us, because she offered us a free dessert to make up for it.  So we got a pudding-type of thing, which was delish!  We also ran into Len from Catlin Gabel!! I haven't seen him (or any Catlin person) for more than a year.  It was nice to chat with him, albeit briefly.  That's the kind of smalltown feel you get here in Portland: no matter where you go, you're bound to run into someone you know from somewhere.  


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