My Little Girl is Growing UP

Only a few days old (but still lots of blond hair!)
How can it be almost a year since this picture was taken?  I know, I know...what a classic parent thing to say.  Time flies, people grow, and it's very easy to see in the littlest of people.  I've heard the saying, "The days are long but the years are short."  Very true. Look at her now!
May 13, 2011 (only a few weeks off from being 1!)
She came home from daycare on Friday with two little pigtails. It made her look so much older.  Both Toby and I were amazed by it.  And then, within ten minutes of being home, she did more amazing things.  She stood up by herself and balanced well for 10-12 seconds...and from that stand, she took a step!  First step!!!  

Pigtail Power!!!
Cool Shades, Uncle Toto!
Toby remarked that he wondered what Ruby was going to call him.  Unca Todee? Toto? Tobee?  He's very anxious for her to start talking "for real." She doesn't really have any words yet.  She can say "nnma nmma" and "da da da" but I'm not sure if she's associating it with us.  Sometimes she can sort of repeat sounds that I make.  I think the walking is going to start soon, though.  She's cruising all over the place.  She can push herself into a standing position from the ground up. I think she just may be able to walk around by her first birthday! No telling, though.  Another girl in our home community is about four months older and is still doing the same stuff.  Ruby seems to want to be moving, though.  
My goodness, she is getting into everything.  In our bedroom, she sleeps in the closet.  We sectioned off part of the bedroom to be "her room" by lining up a cooler and a suitcase.  It was enough to keep her contained...but no longer. This morning we were sleeping in, and we heard that she was up and playing happily.  A little while later, I heard her making noises in a different place.  I woke up and saw that she had crawled over to my side of the bed--yet the cooler and suitcase barrier remained intact. We puzzled over how she could have done it.  Later in the day, she kindly showed us how. She stood up at the cooler (which came up to just above her tummy) and reached across to the far end of it, and pulled herself on top of it.  She swung her leg up pretty gracefully and then sat atop the cooler.  She had a bit of trouble getting herself down from it but managed to do it without faceplanting.  Looks like we've got to rethink our bedroom layout.  It is at times like these when a 3 bedroom would be pretty stellar.  


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