Ruby Rose, Super Genius?

Tonight, Ruby found a balled up sock of mine that had fallen off of the clean laundry pile on the bed.  She grabbed it and sat down, and tried to put it on her foot! I was amazed! How did she recognize that it was a sock and that it went on her foot?
So, I gave her one of her shoes and she tried to put that on, too.  I was amazed by her genius!
And then she pulled down a bib from her dresser...and tried to put it on her foot.  Oh well.
In other news, we looked at a 3 bedroom house (to rent) tonight.  Allen found it while he was out driving around today.  The house was cute, but the landlord seemed, well, like a tweaker.  We have a few more lined up to look at.  The idea of being in a house is pretty appealing.  Apartments are all well and good, but being in a place with a yard, a washer and dryer hookup, and not connected to neighbors playing "Sweet Home Alabama" really loud? Now that sounds great!


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