A few bullet point musings...

  • As I said on Facebook, something that used to matter: having some kind of order to the books on our shelves. You know...philosophy, spirituality, poetry, fiction, how-to, memoir, textbooks, etc.  What matters now: trying to have books on a shelf at all, since Ruby likes to pull them all off.
  • Remembrance (based on speaking of having orderly bookshelves): my roommate junior year, Erica, had the most incredible bookshelves ever.  You should have seen it!  I believe her main schema was to organize by publisher, which had a very unified look; all of her Penguin classics together, near the Everyman section, closely followed by the small (but colorful) Green Lion Press.  And let's not forget the Loebs.  Her dorm room always looked like it came from an IKEA catalog.  Mine?  Not so much.  
  • You know what would make my life easier?  If I took the time to PIWIG every day.  PIWIG?  Put It Where It Goes.  That, and spot cleaning, would prevent me from having horrible buildups.  I'm pretty good about brushing and flossing daily, and as a result, the health of my teeth is pretty good.  I admit, I did have a cavity filled on a recent visit, but it was my first in, what 26 years of having teeth?  My house, on the other hand, is the equivalent of someone who hasn't brushed in months and drinks coffee, soda, and subsists on junk food.  Scary!  Especially the bathroom...shudder.  
  • Question: why don't I do things that make my life easier? 
  • Answer: because they aren't immediately pleasant.  In fact, they are immediately unpleasant (or bothersome, or take effort).  To quote Charles Baudelaire's poem "Au Lecteur" from his collection Les Fleurs du Mal, "[There is one vice] who is uglier, more wicked, more foul!  Although it does not force either with grand acts or great cries, it would with pleasure make debris of the earth and in a yawn swallow up the world; it is ennui!" (p.s. that was my own translation from 10-29-05.  Oh yeah, St. John's!)
  • Reflection: I used to be able to translate heady French poetry, Roman epic, and both koine (NT) and Attic Greek.  I doubt I'd be able to do that now.  That makes me a little sad.  I have this little pang of sorrow that my St. John's year are over (by 5 years, to be exact).  Don't get me wrong, I am not that person for whom college was "the best 4 years of my life."  There was plenty that wasn't great about it, and plenty that is great now.  Still, I am so very glad that I went there, learned what I did, met who I did, and grew how I did.  
  • Time to change the laundry!


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