I'm usually modest but...

I have to post these pictures because I want to have photographic proof that this event happened!  I was at Goodwill looking for a cute outfit to wear for Allen on a date night.  I had heard him say on several occasions that he thought I would look good in white pants, but I'd never done anything about it.  Then I saw a pair of white jeans for $7.99.  The price was right for a try...but they were a size 8.  I can't even remember the last time I wore a size 8...maybe back in 8th grade.  Seriously.  But I thought there was no harm in trying them on.  So I did...and they fit!
So OF COURSE I snapped those puppies up!
I probably won't wear them much (white pants + toddler = not very white pants) and I may not fit in them for long.  But I will be proud that I--post baby, no less--could wear those pants.  These pictures are hilarious also because the perspective is completely wacky and I look like I'm living in a house built for little people.  Oh well.

Oh yeah, and Allen thought they looked good, too ;)


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