Max speaks!

That's the excitement around here today.  Max has been saying "no" with great relish and frequency, but today was his first two word phrase, "ah gah" (all gone) and of course, "wu-ah" (Ruby).  Yay! I'd say he started saying "no" at about 20 months…5 months later than Ruby said her first word (which was "up").
In other news, I came upon this scene earlier today:

I'm still unclear as to how Max got himself stuck in the chair in this position: did Ruby put him in it or did he get into it himself?  One thing is clear: once he was stuck, Ruby seized the opportunity and busied herself with "cutting his hair."  Thankfully no real scissors were involved in the operation, but I'm sure that day is coming. Poor Max...


  1. Poor Max indeed. I feel like that's a window into my future.


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