No gym? No problem!

Need a workout, yet don't have the time-without-kids or money to hit the gym? You are in luck!  Simply follow these steps using materials you likely have around the house (if you have kids, that is.  If you don't, you probably can go to a gym anyway.)
1.  Put two children into the double stroller (see above picture for my double stroller of choice, the Graco DuoGlider).  The heavier the children, the better the workout. Example: Weight of Ruby + Max + stroller = about 100 lbs all together
2.  Put your infant into a Baby Bjorn or similar infant carrier and attach to your chest.  Again, the heavier the infant, the better the workout.  
3.  To counterbalance infant in front, make sure to wear a fully loaded diaper bag/backpack on your back.  Example: Weight of Ben + diaper bag backpack = about 20 lbs all together
4.  Put library books into the stroller basket.  
5.  Commence to push the stroller thus loaded from your house to the library, preferably uphill. 
The lovely Oregon City library, pictured on some sunny day which was not today and taken by someone who was not me.
7.  If you're feeling adventurous, get lots of heavy books at the library to make sure that your load is nice and heavy for the way back.
8.  Do NOT lose your grip on the stroller when you head back downhill. That sucker's got momentum.  

*"Fire the legs" was a phrase oft quoted by the redoubtable Leo Pickens, our rowing coach and former athletic director at St. John's College.  It meant to push hard off of the foot stretcher in the rowing shell with your legs, which is really what puts the oomph into your stroke.  Ah, rowing.


  1. Dear Jenny - how does one mammal get a hold of you?

    1. Simply mail a JoAnn Fabric giftcard with my name on it to the following address...just kidding. Emailing me at will do!


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