7 Quick Takes: Photo Recollections of 2013

This may have to be a two-parter, because there are so many I like. Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start...
Remember the helmet? Max had to wear a helmet for a few months to help round out the plagiocephaly (flat spots on his skull) caused by his torticollis (tilted neck). The helmet and the physical therapy must have helped, though, because looking at him now, I don't think you'd ever know he had to have all of that! Thank God for Max's great doctors (Dr. Don Helper, his orthotist, and Rachel Wachter, his physical therapist at Oregon Neurotherapeutics) and for his excellent insurance coverage.
Thanks to my excellent FB stalking skills, I discovered that my friend from college Rhonda Ortiz (AKA the Naptime Novelist) was in town in January, so we got our kids together for a playdate at Discovery Village in Salem. Her son Benedict is pretty close in age to Ruby, and they enjoyed all of the fun things the Village has to offer. Rhonda and I had a great talk about motherhood, writing, and Michigan (fun fact: she lives in Holland because her hubby teaches at the same college where my dad taught back in the late '80s, so we also have Holland, MI in common!) I also began picking her brains about her conversion to Catholicism (which happened when she was a senior at St. John's and I was a sophomore). Wish they lived closer, but at least I can follow her adventures online (and you should, too!) Another fun fact about that day: at the play date we had been talking about kids and number of kids and how she and her husband were hoping for another one soon. I found out that afternoon that I was pregnant with the baby that would turn out to be Ben, and I'm guessing not long afterwards she found out she was pregnant with the baby that would turn out to be Miriam, based on due dates and all that. How cool is that?
Nice Easter Bonnet, Max!
At the zoo
In our finery
Easter! Max is recently 1 and Ruby not quite 3. We did the Easter Egg hunt at the zoo and Grandma Laurie supplied adorable outfits.
Good job, daddy-o
Allen graduated from Warner Pacific with his Bachelors in Human Development, which he began in October 2011. Thus ended 18 months of weekly Wednesday night classes from 6-10 PM, countless papers and group projects, and lots of learning. Little did he know that he would soon be embarking on 4-5 YEARS of weekly Monday night classes from 6-10 PM and lots more learning in his carpentry apprenticeship program with Northwest College of Construction which he began this October. You may note that Allen eschewed the usual suit and tie underneath his graduation gown. He's wearing his soccer kit so he can jet off to an important game right after graduation is over. No time for finery and frippery.
Uncle Toby and the adoring niece and nephew
In June, Toby departed for St. Louis. It was the end of an era: he had been living with us since August of 2010. He was a great live-in uncle and often babysat the kids so that we could run to the store or go on a date night (a date night outside the home? I vaguely recall…) It had been fun working with him at MRA for a year, too.
Good job, Ruby
2013 was certainly the year of potty training. It was a long process…we started in March and Ruby won her dolly via her potty chart sticker thingy in June or July? And there were still many mishaps after that (The Poopocalypse comes to mind…) But hey, that's one person out of diapers so I'm happy about that.
I'm not in this picture because it is for blood relatives only, although I guess I should have been since I was pregnant with another descendant of the Haas line
In July we went on a road trip out to North Dakota for a family reunion, the main event of which was the commemoration of the new headstones that Allen's grandpa commissioned. It was quite a drive (we spent more time in the car than in ND since Allen could only take off so much time from work) but it was a good adventure. So, that covers the first 7 months of 2013…next time I'll cover the rest!
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