Pinterest Fail, Christmas Morning Edition

I promise to have a nice long post with lots of cheery pictures soon, but I can't help myself.  I just have to show you all my latest hilarious Pinterest fail.
Allen suggested we have donuts for a special Christmas breakfast.  It immediately brought to mind this cute pin I'd seen:
Clearly not my work (as you shall soon see)
How sweet is that: using mini chocolate and powdered donuts and some other edibles to make snowmen and Rudolph faces!  Once again, the Winco bulk bins were my friends so that I could buy tiny amounts of M&Ms, orange and red jelly beans, and pretzels.
But once I got my mitts on the project, this is how it turned out:
Note to self: do not go into business at this.
Allen was disturbed by the reindeer in particular.  "It looks a little…satanic," I believe were his exact words.  Was it the yellow eyes?
But you know what?  The kids scarfed 'em down in the morning and thought they were cute.  And since neither of them knows anything about Rudolph anyway, I'm pretty sure they just thought Mom had gotten a bit carried away with decorating the breakfast, which truly sums it up anyway.
Even Devil Deer are no match for voracious kids
Oh, and p.s., check out those pajama pants!  I made them, yes I did. And you will soon see the other Christmas morning cuteness! Stay tuned...


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