Sounds of the Season

Right about now in St. Louis there are many concert-goers enjoying the beautiful music of the St. Louis Chamber Chorus's annual Christmas concert.  From the time I was a teen on through my coming-home-for-Christmas-break years it was a Christmas tradition on par with getting and decorating the Christmas tree that on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of Advent we would go to hear the Chamber Chorus.  I'm not there for the concert today, obviously, but I always pull out my SLCC Christmas CDs during the Christmas seasons.  There are three Christmas recordings, but my favorite are A Spanish Christmas and A Chamber Christmas.  The Spanish Christmas CD features most of the Missa O Magnum Mysterium by Tomas Luis de Victoria, and is so sublime.  I enjoy all the traditional holiday music, both sacred and secular, but after even a day or so of listening to the radio station playlists, I find myself tiring of hearing the same few well-known carols over and over, albeit done with slightly different intonations or arrangements by different singers.  That's just the time to pop in one of these CDs, because I get to hear music from different countries and different centuries that never make the top 40 Christmas list…and aside from the recent resurgence of Pentatonix's particular brand of a capella, how often do you hear unaccompanied music on the radio?  Any time you need a contemplative break, take a listen to this (alas, not the SLCC recording, but I couldn't find any of theirs on YouTube):

And here's a video about the St. Louis Chamber Chorus (with my former Latin teacher Philip Barnes at the helm!)

(And no, I did not get paid to post this! Just putting some of the love out there for a really spectacular musical group…and if you believe in patronizing great art, then perhaps a suggestion of a worthy recipient!)


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