Another Saturday morning...

It's sunny! Hurray! People in Portland, I think, have a greater-than-normal appreciation for sun. I definitely took it for granted when I lived in less rainy climes.
So far the morning has been pretty good. I got the living room floor vacuumed, the kitchen floor swept, and a few things in the bathroom cleaner) There is laundry in the washer and Ruby is starting to stir from her morning nap. This morning we ate breakfast together: cut up banana and toast for her, the rest of the banana and a bagel with cream cheese for me. I also tried giving her formula from a sippy cup. She thought it was really amusing, but I don't think it resulted in much of the formula actually being imbibed.
Now I'm going through a pile of baby clothes to try to sell at a resale/consignment shop up in Portland. This store happens to market itself as "high end", and they turn up their noses as "discount" brands like Carters, etc. Well! I've never really looked at the prices on those "discount" brands and thought of them as cheap; but I have acquired so many hand me downs that some of them are from what this store considers acceptably high end stores. I don't know how much they will take, but it is worth a shot. I want to get Ruby some Robeez (really cute slipper/shoe things). They cost $24 new, but perhaps if I can get some store credit, I can get them for cheaper.
We were using a consignment store near our house, but they are SO picky there! They can see stains that I would never have even noticed. It's remarkable.
I'm thinking I've found a nice park at which to have Ruby's birthday party. Of course, a one year old's birthday party is strictly for the parents' sake, not the child's. She wouldn't know her birthday from any other day, but we certainly do, and it's time to celebrate. It's also her Uncle Toby's birthday, so if he had friends here we'd invite them too. Poor Toby. If he lived with some housemate about his age up in Portland proper, they would probably have wry and ironic parties with plenty of PBR, hip music, and tasty food and he would have lots of cool friends. Alas for him, he lives with his older sister, her husband, and their baby, none of whom are known for parties, hip music, or PBR. Sometimes we get tasty food from Gleaners (like the 12" diameter wheel of herbed brie). But in general, we are not a good house for making friends in. We are a good house for having an adorable niece, though. I guess that will have to do.
To finish, here are some recent pictures of Ruby making mischief. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that Ruby's having a wardrobe malfunction. The pants she was in were a bit too long, so she kept stepping on them whenever she'd pull herself up.


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