The first few pictures here are of Ruby in a traditionally fancy Easter dress. The only problem was that it sized "9 mos." and Ruby's been wearing 12 mos and 18 mos for a while now. So, I squeezed her into it long enough to snap some pictures, then changed her into something that fits better! But these are pretty precious pictures, if I do say so myself.

Here's one of my favorites: doesn't she look like a little princess?

We went to the 12 pm service at church. Imago Dei's tradition is to conduct baptisms twice a year: once in the summer outdoors in the Columbia River, and once on Easter Sunday. The church building we're in now has a huge baptismal font. They also have a tradition of making a short movie that weaves together short interviews of the people getting baptized. I love hearing their stories and testimonies. It's always real, and often very emotional. Many people hit some kind of rock bottom which led them to Christ and to their decision to follow him and get baptized. I also like Imago's tradition of letting a person who is spiritually important to the baptizee (if I may coin the term) go into the water with them to ask, "_____, do you confess that Jesus Christ is your personal Lord and Savior, and do you promise to love and follow Him for the rest of your life?" The baptizee says, "I do." Then the baptizer says, "Based on your profession of faith, I now baptize you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit," and dunks them underwater. I like that it isn't always a pastor doing the baptizing, though sometimes it is. Just as often, though, it is a spouse, sibling, parent, or good friend doing the baptizing. I pray for the privilege of seeing our child(ren) come to faith and be baptized.
After church, we drove around for a while, thinking to go have coffee somewhere. The place we wanted to go was closed, though. In the evening, we picked up Toby and brought him and his delicious food to Allen's grandparents' house, where his mom and siblings had also gathered. I brought some Easter eggs I had filled with candy for Ruby to "find."

Of course, I didn't really hide the eggs very hard. I mostly just set them out and Ruby crawled towards them, picked them up, and rattled them around. The candy inside was all for her daddy, naturally! She's too young for candy!

Ruby also preferred to dump eggs out of the basket rather than gather them into it. Oh well!

We took pictures outside, too. Ruby was officially 11 mos. old on Easter, too. Time flies...Here's one of her "let me grab the camera" pictures

In this picture below, behold the wonders of blemish removal. I clicked away a little zit under my lip, and then out of curiosity, clicked on my nose piercing, and was shocked that it vanished also. I'm not planning to get rid of it in real life, though (sorry Mom).

Then came the "family pictures." You know the kind: it's nearly impossible to get everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. I'll try to pick out the good ones...

Of course, there is the obligatory "taking a picture of Karla taking a picture" shot:

And the equally obligatory "Andy and Sarah being silly" shot:

Well, as you can see, it was a very memorable and photo-filled Easter. Ruby's first Easter was a special occasion for us all. He is Risen!


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