How to surprise and delight your wife BEFORE she comes home from a long day at work

1. Don't wait for her to get home--simply go to her work to meet her there!
2. Wear a very attractive outfit that shows off what a good looking mister man you happen to be.
3. Come sporting a baby (preferably your own; if you can't procure one of your own, you can borrow one from a friend on the understanding that he/she will be given back in very good condition)
4. Patiently wait for her to be ready but pique her attention by saying, "Have you eaten lately? Do you have any plans for the night?"
5. Whisk her away to the location of dinner (you can either tell her or let her guess where). Make sure to have everything the baby needs to be happy and cute. Also tell her that there's more...
6. Take her to Bridgeport Village and eat at Agave Grill, where it is happy hour and everything is cheaper!
7. During dinner, while she admires how cute and well-behaved the baby is being, tell her, "I told you there was more...I have combed through our finances and it is going to work for you to have twenty dollars to spend as you please tonight. So just wander through any shops you want here, and spend that twenty however you'd like."
8. After dinner is over, wander shops with her and baby, and enjoy much browsing of books.
9. Settle on two delightful children's books to add to the collection, and then head back home (if you borrowed a baby, now would be a good time to return him/her to his/her rightful parents).
10. While your wife is blogging about this, go ahead and clean the kitchen for her. In the words of the Old Spice Guy, "Woo like a man, man."


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