My Amazing Husband

Full warning: this blog just may become a place of gushing about the excellent husband God's blessed me with. If you don't like all that mushy stuff, feel free to move on.


Here are a few great things about this husband of mine:
1. He's really considerate. Right now, he's washing dishes in the kitchen so I can have some down time to blog.
2. He's generous. This month in our budgeting we each gave ourselves a $15 "allowance" for purchases that we don't consider super necessary (energy drinks, some cute thing for Ruby, etc.) He spent most of his allowance on buying me something to eat for dinner tonight since he had to leave early to go to soccer class.
3. He's diligent. Allen has been collecting soda cans and bottles for a few months now and turns them in for money. He's up to around $25 now (which, at $.05 a can/bottle, is a lot of cans and bottles!!!). He's doing it so I can get a haircut from a nice place. Today, while he and Ruby were at the can redemption center, someone from OPB radio was there and interviewed him. He talked about what he's planning to do with the money he makes. Maybe he'll be on the radio tomorrow morning!
4. He's a good listener, and he actually cares about what I'm talking about. He isn't just hearing me, he's attending to me.
5. He's a hard worker. Tomorrow morning starts his work week...4 10 hour days with a half-hour commute tacked on either end. It's a long day, and he comes back to responsibilities like making dinner and helping to care for Ruby. But he does it willingly, because he wants to provide for our family.
6. He's protective. He wants to take care of me and of Ruby, and to make sure that I'm not working myself too hard, which I tend to do.
I could go on, but I think instead I'll go help him in the kitchen. But I'll end with a 7th reason:

He's hot! Look at that fine male athletic! AND he does dishes. He's a winner!


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