Great Weekend: Part 1

Allen called me from work on Saturday and said what a busy day it had been so far. "Is there anything I can do to make sure home is a nice place to return to?" I asked.
"Yes. Be ready to party."
He explained. "I'm going to come home tired, but if you're tired, then we're just going to be super tired and go to bed at 7:30 and that thought just depresses me. I want to do things with you. So, if you can just be ready and active, that would be great."
"Okay," I replied. After we finished talking, it got me thinking, Hmmm, what can I do that will be fun tonight when Allen gets home? The thought of a treasure hunt came to me. Okay, fun, but where to? I then remembered that Allen had been mentioned a Mexican restaurant near our house that he'd heard good things about. Bingo! I made up some clues and texted Allen, "I'd be excited to come home if I were you!" His interest was piqued!
When he got home, I ordered him to take a shower right away (the first clue was in there.) He came down with a big smile on his face after his shower and started following the clues through our apartment. Toby (who was in on the deal) kindly watched Ruby and Allen and I started on the walk. I was amazed that he was stumped by some of the clues.

Apparently, I did a good job! The best clue was at a 7-Eleven across from the restaurant. I had gone there earlier in the day to buy an energy drink for him and to ask the clerk if she would be willing to play along. She looked confused but agreed. He had to go in and ask her for his next clue (I had taped it to the energy drink, which she set aside for me). He thought that was pretty awesome.

At last, we reached our destination...

It looks like a little hole-in-the-wall place, but the service was incredibly fast, and the food was good (and from the reviews I read online, pretty authentic). It was a nice evening and the walk to and from was enjoyable. At home, we spent some time laughing at pictures from Awkward Family Photos. That website is like Lay's potato you can't look at just one. You should try it.
Finally, after we had wrenched ourselves away from the horrible yet fascinating photos on that site, we watched a cool documentary about Pixar (entitled, appropriately enough, "The Pixar Story.") It's on Netflix instant play, and if you like Pixar or the movie biz in general, I'd recommend it.
All in all, it was a fun evening. Allen very much enjoyed his treasure hunt, and I had fun making it and then going on it with him. Yay for date nights!


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