Ruby's recent achievements

How can she do it? How can she fall asleep and stay asleep for 45 minutes with her head hanging off her mattress? Amazing.
Ruby was diagnosed with an ear infection in both ears; this morning, I elected to keep her back from daycare. She didn't have a fever, but Wednesdays are the days when all 7 other babies are there, and she never sleeps well because it's so loud there that day. I figured a quiet day at home would be better (and better for the other babies.) Ruby did some pretty cool things.
1. Clapped for the first time!
2. Waved while saying something that sounded like "hi!" (imitating me)
3. Waved while saying something that sounded like "bye bye!" (again, imitating me)

She's also learned to climb things besides stairs. She did this the other day and Allen got some pictures of it.

She also got into her dad's business cards the other day...

And she's become very flexible about eating...

And of course, her top two teeth are coming in! I couldn't figure out how, so I asked Toby, "Help me get a good picture of her top teeth." This was his solution:

Good job, Uncle Toby.
So, as Ruby gets close to 11 months old, lots of exciting changes are happening! We'll keep you posted here in our little Cookie Jar!


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