Great Weekend: Part 2

Today (Sunday) held a very special treat for us. Rebecca, my best friend from Burroughs (a friendship beginning in 1996, yo!), came to visit, and brought with her the wonderful Claude (her fiancé). They have been together for quite a while now, but I had never met him in person. It was so great to see them, and it made me wish that we lived in the same town, or even just an hour or two away, so we could have get togethers and hang out. During our freshman year of college we visited each other several times, but after that we weren't in touch as much. I saw her briefly at my wedding, but it was hardly a time to catch up. Today we had only a few brief hours, but it was so nice to chat. It was great to meet Claude. Of course, having spent years staying up late, late into the night with Rebecca talking about boys, I had very high expectations for her future spouse! Claude, however, certainly exceeded them all. I eagerly await their wedding next summer and hope that I can be there.


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