A beautiful sight for a teacher in June

That, my friends, is a packed up and clean(ish) classroom.  Here's Jeff's...
Both rooms are waiting for their new teachers.  Neither Jeff nor I will not be returning to them next year.  Jeff was offered a plummy job at a school that is much closer to his home.  I'm transitioning to part time at MRA, and I'm going to be a school-wide reading specialist.  I probably won't even have a classroom of my own.  There are mixed emotions about this.  I will definitely miss having the role of primary teacher to a lot of these kids (especially my upcoming 8th graders, who have been with me since 6th grade!)  And I'll miss the cool aspects of curriculum planning, like deciding what and how to teach the cultures of Africa, India, and China.  But I won't miss the hours upon hours that goes into teaching full time.  I won't miss homework battles.  That was probably the hands-down most frustrating aspect of the job.  There is just this culture of grudging resistance to homework in the upper grades.  Some kids do fine with it, but others just fight it.  "It's not my thing," as one of my kids told me cheerfully.  Ummmm...good luck with using that line when you get a job someday.
Anyway, I spent all week at school filing, cleaning, writing comments on papers, and assessing.  On Wednesday Allen and Ruby came to help.  Well, Allen helped and Ruby played.  Check out the corral Allen made for her! He's so inventive.
She really liked dropping her toys into the desks.
This morning I turned in my keys.  Summer vacation starts!  And not a moment too soon, since we're headed to California tomorrow.  We're leaving after Allen gets off work and heading to Medford for the night.  Then on to Weldon to see his dad.  After a day and some there, I drop Allen off at the airport in LA, then drive up to see my Burroughs chums near San Fran!  Then back up to Oregon, possibly visiting a friend in Medford, and stopping to see another in Roseburg.  It should be fun, but we as always crave your prayers for traveling mercies.  Ruby was a champ on her last long road trip...but now she is much more mobile.  Hopefully she will do as well, especially on the way back, when it's just us driving back.  Allen has to fly home to be back in time for work.
Okay, need to clean up more. I hate leaving home a mess to return to.  And tonight, Uncle Andy is babysitting Ruby and Toby, Allen, and I are headed out for a nice dinner to celebrate Toby's birthday/end of school year.  Yay!


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