Song of the day (plus a correction), and thoughts on "technical mom talk"

First, my apologies to Jackson.  I selected the wrong video.  His is this one.
Today's song challenge was Your favorite song.  Really?  REALLY?  I have so many that I love, and I love them for different reasons and at different times.  I've had favorite songs at different ages and stages of my life.  "Baby Beluga" was once perhaps my favorite, but no longer.  Picking favorites is not easy to do; I feel kind of a parental guilt about it.  If I say Middlemarch is my favorite book, what will The Aeneid think when it finds out, and vice versa?!
Obviously, I am over-thinking this.  I will pick two.  Then, at the risk of infuriating gender-sensitive readers, I will state that one of the songs appeals more to my masculine, tough, "Take names and kick tail" side, and one to my more feminine, gentle-nurturing side.  
The first (tough guy) one is "Alive" by P.O.D.
The second (gentle earth mother) is "Add to the Beauty" by Sara Groves.
I love the lines, "I want to add to the beauty / to tell a better story, / I want to shine with a light / that's burning up inside."  I've considered getting them (or some abbreviation of it) tattooed onto my forearms or wrists.  Can't quite commit to that, though; at leasts not yet.
On today's to-do list: clean the disgusting bathroom.  I do not like cleaning bathrooms.  I think I've mentioned that before on here.  It was "my" chore growing up.  My brothers did it too, but since I was "the best" at it, I often did it more than they...or so my indignant memory serves.  Mom, does Sarah have to clean the bathroom(s) now?  I hope so; you're not allowed to get all soft on her now that she's the only one left at home!  
Here's exciting (to me) bathroom-related news: Ruby peed in her little potty today!  Of course, it was completely by happenstance; she seemed rather taken aback by it.  A friend, who has raised five children and claims that they were all potty trained by 18 months, suggested that as soon as they can stand and walk, you should take them into the bathroom whenever you go and plunk them down on their potties, and eventually they will figure it out.  So, that's what I did this morning, and the timing worked out nicely.  I'm pretty sure that we will not be seeing complete potty-training by 18 months, but hey, that would be cool.  
I imagine that some of you who are not parents are rolling your eyes and muttering, "Oh great, now begins the blow-by-blow account of all of Ruby's bodily functions.  Why do parents feel the need to share that?  I know I won't when I have kids."  Yeah, that's what everyone says, until it happens to them.    As a parent, you get excited that your kid didn't spit up, or slept through the night, or weaned, or went potty, or whatever it is.  It's the same with talking ad nauseum about pregnancy or birth stories.  I remember when I was ten or so we went to visit some family friends in Ohio.  They had three kids; the first two were adopted because the parents had struggled for a long time with fertility issues.  They had all but given up and decided to adopt.  Then, miraculously, they got pregnant with the third.  We had all been put in bed for the night, but I couldn't sleep, because I heard the grownups laughing and talking downstairs, and I really wanted to be part of it.  So, I snuck out of my room and sat at the head of the stairs and just listened in.  They happened to be trading birth stories, and someone was saying something about "being dilated only 2 cm after hours of labor."  I really had no idea what that meant, but I was somewhat disappointed in the topic of conversation and went back to my room after a while of birth talk.  The funniest part to me was that it was one of the dads (I can't remember if it was mine or not) who was giving the play by play.  To someone who hasn't been through it, it doesn't really make sense or it is tremendously dull or gross.  (Well, it is pretty gross even if you have lived through it.  I'm sorry, but I don't think of the womb's contents--besides the baby of course!--as being very beautiful, even if it was what was nourishing my child all along.)  But think how happy it must have made those parents to have a birth story of their own to share!
So, I do try to be sensitive and not get all into the technical mom talk around people who don't have or don't want kids, but at some point, it just happens because it is a big focal point of my life right now. The advantage of a blog is that you don't have to read it ;)


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