YouTube is not uploading my California video.  I don't have high hopes that either Facebook or Blogger will, either.  Rarg!
I'm going to combine today's and tomorrow's song challenges because they have a funny connection.  The challenges are the first and last song alphabetically in your iTunes lineup.  Oddly enough, they both happen to be by the same band, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass!
First is "Acapulco 1922"
Last is "Zorba the Greek" by the same
Fun factoid: my dad used to listen to Herb Alpert when he was cleaning the house.  Why yes, my dad DID clean the house.  I'd say that he and mom equally shared the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and general housekeeping duties.  Allen shares in that fine quality as well! Anyway, when I was little (6, 7 ish) I used to dance around wildly to the upbeat fun music.  I declared, "I love Herb Alpert!"  My dad laughed lightly and said, "Yeah, but I bet you won't when you're a teenager."  I took umbrage at that, and mentally made it a point to like it STILL when I was a teenager...and I did.  And I still do, although I don't dance around to it as much (and certainly don't do as much baton twirling.)  It is good housecleaning music.  Maybe I should listen to it more often...
I'm looking forward to this afternoon.  I'm driving up to Vancouver, WA (just across the Columbia River from Portland) to have Ruby's first haircut and check out the famed Cafe Sip 'n' Play, which is a cafe specifically for moms and their tots.  I'm meeting up with a new friend there.  She's a friend of Chandra's, and although we haven't met face-to-face, we've talked on Facebook enough for me to know that we have a lot of similar interests.  She's got a 10 month old son, and he sounds pretty adorable.  After that, we'll pick "Daddy" up from work.  Side note: Back in the year 2009 BC (Before Children), Allen and I talked about how a lot of parents just start calling each other "Mommy" and "Daddy" because they say it so much in front of their kids.  I know that my parents would say things like "Oh, Mom's at the store," instead of "Oh, your mom's at the store."  We wondered if we would end up doing the same thing.  So far, not all that much, probably because Ruby doesn't say "mama" or "dada" to us yet.  But we still do say things like, "Go see Mommy!" or "Let's go get Daddy!" so I guess that counts.  I'm also getting used to being called "Mom" as if it were my first name by lots of medical professionals.  When you go into the pediatrician's office, the nurses and assistants will often say things like, "Okay, mom, if you can hold her on your lap, we'll just give her a quick shot."  It was a little weird at first, but now it is pretty normal.  
Ruby accompanied me to the dentist's this morning.  She was pretty good.  She sat in her stroller and watched me get my teeth cleaned.  Towards the end she was getting very squirrelly, but she didn't have an all-out meltdown, thank goodness!  The hygienist who was working on my teeth enjoyed seeing her; she's 4.5 months pregnant herself with her first and so we had lots to talk about (as much as one can talk with various tools in the mouth.)
Okay, time to eat lunch.  I think Ruby's napping; I hope so, anyway.  I haven't heard anything from up there in about 20 minutes, so maybe she's finally talked herself to sleep.


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