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Okay, Spicer Bros. will have to wait.  Ruby needed a nap in her bed, and that's that.  I need to read a book on getting babies to sleep, because we're having trouble with that, especially at bedtime.  Our pediatrician wants us to get her off using bottles by 15 months, which is in August.  Ruby gets most of her nutrition from table food now, but she does have bottles to calm down before naps and before bed at night, and even those don't put her to sleep like they used to.  She often has to cry it out to take a nap or go to bed.  It is saddening. There's got to be a better way!
I need to clean stuff, anyway.  But I was idly cruising blogs and found this very intriguing meme I'd like to try.
The girl whose blog it was on also attached YouTube videos to go with the songs when possible.  I think I will give it a try.  So, Day 1 is a song from my childhood.  Well, there are many to choose from, but I will have to go with this Raffi song.  
In fact, I may be fabricating this memory entirely, but I feel like I went to one of his concerts when I was 4.  Can you verify, Mom?  
Ahh, Raffi.  Mom just sent me a box of cassette tapes, many of them Raffi tapes.  Why yes, I DO own a tape player.  And we have video tapes, too.  Apparently I just can't let go of the 80s/early 90s.  I've been playing the "Wee Sing Bible Songs" while Ruby goes down for naps.  It's pretty old-timey sounding because it warbles a bit, probably because the tape in it is ancient.  But it brings back the memories, that's for sure.  At the library today I looked for books on tape.  There aren't any.  Lots of books on CD, but not a single cassette to be found!  I suddenly felt very old.  (By the way, the other day Allen--in all seriousness--referred to 30 as hitting middle age.  Aghhh!) 


  1. you did go to a Raffi concert, and you were probably 2 or 3. Raffi came to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and it was very funny, with toddlers clapping and dancing in the aisles of the auditorium at the student union building theater on the lake. It is possible that you were not yet two, because I don't remember Chris being there, but we might have had someone watch him, and had a special "big girl" outing just with you.

  2. Hi Jenny! It's "Miss Kelsey"... I just had to comment on this post because I loved Raffi so much when I was a child but I had somehow forgotten all about him... until I saw this! :-) It's coming back to me, and I seem to remember especially enjoying one particular song about a donkey. I'm going to go look for it on youtube, haha.

    I was just reminiscing today about how much fun Ruby was to be around, and missing her tons as a consequence! It was so strange, I was actually realizing that I haven't even held or had contact with a small child in over a month and I am definitely "craving" baby time. :-) At least I have been able to check in on Ruby via your blog, and it is wonderful to see pictures and hear about her growth! It also saddens me to hear that she still has trouble getting to sleep. :-( That could definitely change as she becomes a toddler though!

    Well, I seem to have written an essay rather than a simple little comment... I always seem to do that! I hope the weather back home is clearing up and warming up for you all and I hope you have a fun summer with lovely little Ruby.


  3. Oooh, PS, I found my favorite Raffi song! "Tingalayo":

    Thanks for the inspiration... I am going tohave it in my head for the next week (not a bad thing at all because it will replace the annoying pop song I've had in my head, yay)! :-) I can see why it was my fave, so catchy haha.

  4. Kelsey! Good to hear from you! We miss you too. This week is Ruby's last at OCDS because I'm out for the summer and will get to be home with her :) I hope you're having a good time on your travels!


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