Summer is (pretty much) here!

Today's the first day of weather that feels like summer.  The other day was cold and drizzly on June 10th.  That's Oregon for you!  But today has been sunny, blue skyed (probably not a word, but I just made it into one), and lovely.  Ruby and I took advantage of it by going for a walk.  We walked to Buttons 'n' Bows, a children's resale shop, because I was given a $10 giftcard there by Annie (our aide at school this year).  I bought several pairs of pants/shorts for Ruby and only had to pay $1.40 for them after the gift card was used.  Yes!  They had some shoes, too, and I tried a few pairs on Ruby.  Her feet are very fat.  It's hard to fit anything onto them.  The one pair that seemed to fit made it difficult for her to walk.  I think that I need to go to the Stride Rite store and get her feet measured. I wonder if I can just get them measured and then not buy shoes there.  The resale shop shoes were all Stride Rites...and cost $7 instead of $40.  Is that unethical? It seems similar to the high school girl practice of getting your makeup done for prom at a makeup counter at the mall and then not buying any product; very gauche.
Then we walked to the library, just for the fun of it.  A library is Ruby's dream (and my nightmare): shelves and shelves of books to pull off!  I mostly prevented that.  We got 2 CDs and a DVD.  I only have 1 book out still from getting all of the books I needed for our school research project.  I had 86 items checked out, and I'm happy to report that's down to one (and I even know its whereabouts)!
Shortly before arriving home, I noticed that Ruby had fallen asleep.  Since she definitely needed a nap, I decided I'd just keep walking around and let her sleep in the stroller.  She had about a 40 minute nap while I walked around the neighborhood.  It was nice, and good exercise, too.  Exercise...I don't get much of that during the school year.
I still will be at school all week next week.  I've got to clean out my desk, since it won't by my desk next year. It's a scary process.  I started it yesterday and discovered that I must have had a mouse problem in there based on the number of little mouse poops and shredded papers.  Yuck. There is a lot of other work to do.  I have 45 reports to grade, portfolios to assemble, books to box up and bring home...yeah, I've got plenty to keep me busy.  There will also be some kids there who haven't finished their end of year projects.  They were there yesterday, too.  At lunchtime I took them outside for a little bit for them to run around some.  They moved off to the swings and I just sort of stood around at a distance. I overheard one of them say, "Yeah, this is actually kind of fun." Another said, "I know! I'd actually rather be here than at home; at home, there's nothing to do except play video games, and that gets boring after awhile."
Ah, sweet vindication!
Well, Ruby's freaking out, so I'd better go. Maybe I'll take her on another walk down to Spicer Bros. Produce.  We've lived here a year now but still haven't been there, so it's probably about time.


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